The Show Goes On
Season 1, Episode 14
Show Goes On
First Aired 14th August 2012
Song(s) Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Just Around The Riverbend, Biology, Big White Room, Take Care Of Yourself, Heavy Cross, Nobody's Perfect, Call The Shots & Where Is The Love?
Episode Guide
"Attitude Adjustment"
"Prom Queen"

The Show Goes On is the fourteenth episode of Fusion. It was published on 14th August 2012


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Main Cast:Edit

Recurring Cast:Edit

Absent Cast MembersEdit


Song Title Original Artist(s) Performer(s)
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Green Day Fusion Boys
Just Around The Riverbend Pocahontas Valerie
Biology Girls Aloud Fusion Girls
Big White Room Jessie J Team 4
Take Care Of Yourself Teddy Thompson Nick L
Heavy Cross Gossip Team 3
Nobody's Perfect Jessie J Team 1
Call The Shots Girls Aloud Team 2
Where Is The Love? The Black Eyed Peas Fusion

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