Playing For Keeps
Season 1, Episode 10
Playing For Keeps
First Aired 30th July 2012
Song(s) You Lost Me, Shake It Up, Heart of Glass, With Ur Love, Exceptional, Zombie, Home & Watch Me
Written By Purple-Glee-Project
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Playing For Keeps is the tenth episode of Fusion. It was published on 30th of July 2012.

Script Edit

Is published here

Episode 10: Playing For Keeps


Main Cast:Edit

Recurring Cast:Edit

Absent Cast MembersEdit


Song Title Original Artist(s) Performer(s)
You Lost Me Christina Aguilera Alastair
Shake It Up Shake It Up Fusion
Heart of Glass Blondie Aqua
With Ur Love Cher Lloyd feat. Mike Posner JudeLucas & Nick
Exceptional A.N.T. Farm Fusion
Zombie The Cranberries Shayne
Home Daughtry Rory
Watch Me Shake It Up Fusion

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