Emmy Pheonix
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: 4th of November
Height: 5'8"
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Address: Dallas, Texas
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Family: Jennifer Pheonix (Mother)
Jasper Pheonix (Father)
Thomas Pheonix (Older Brother)
Matthew Pheonix (Older Brother)
Carly Pheonix (Older Sister)
Rosemary Pheonix (Older Sister)
Katilyn Pheonix (Older Sister)
Series Information
First appearance: It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn
Portrayer: Hunter Hayes

Emma "Emmy" Pheonix is a upcoming recurring character in Glee: Fusion. She will make her first appearance in the upcoming third season.

Emmy was created by UndercoverGleek1 and is portrayed by I Am Number Four actress Teresa Palmer.


Emmy was born on November 4th to Jennifer and Jasper Pheonix. She was born into a big family, with 5 kids before her: 12 year old Thomas, 11 year old Matthew, 9 year old Carly, 8 year old Rosemary, and 7 year old Katilyn. Growing up, she greatly admired Kaitlyn, believing her to be perfect. She was her idol growing up and to her her sister had zero problems or insecurities. At school she was liked and at home everything seemed fined, that is until she decided to become friends with someone she knew was bad for her. Daniel Quartz, the school's resident bully, had been pursuing her romanticly since grade 5 and she finally gave in in grade 8, saying yes to being his girlfriend. However, his treatment of her went downstairs immediatily went downhill, along with his treatment of Kaitlyn. He beat Emmy senseless but she soon got out of that situation quickly, finding the courage to dump Daniel. Sadly, he had gotten to Kaitlyn quickly. His cousin, Peter, was a drug dealer and Daniel introduced him to Kaitlyn. Being stressed over school, Kaitlyn gave in and tryed a "foxxy" aka ectasy. Soon one a day became two then three and soon Kaitlyn became addicted. Emmy knew something was wrong and tried her best to help her sister. Sadly, by the time she truely found out was going on, Kaitlyn had died of an OD. For Emmy, life had ultimately ended. Her idol, her sister, the one person who was there for her 24/7 was dead. Depressed and needing comfort, she decided that she was no longer going to let anyone else suffer and became a protector for those suffering from bullying, drug use, or abuse. Also during that time, she also lost faith in god and became and atheist, unbeknowest to her religious parents. Now, a year after her sisters death, Emmy is trying her best to "stop the violence" and help others, even if she herself isn't completely put together.


Season 3Edit


Emmy is a modern hippie, complete with the pacifist quality. She does not understand why people can be so mean to one another and does her best to stop any fights, even if  it means getting a few missed punches or slaps to the face. She is very calm and her head seems to be in the right place All she wants to do is help people and she doesn't understand why others dont either.. She is very kind to others, but is very anti-social and shy so she doesn't talk to people unless they are close friends or she has a good reason to talk to them. She can be a bit sassy when people try to change her odd ways but other than that she just takes things with a smile. She is very intelligent, studying constantly and never having homework, since she doesnt talk to her friends in class. She is very determined to make the world a better place after what happned to her sister and will not take any crap from anyone. She recently became an atheist and is struggling with it. She is bi-sexual, but she prefers guys mainly and has only kissed a girl once. She is currently not looking for a relationship, but if someone that truly would care about her asked her out, she would say yes.


Around 5'8, wavy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, slightly tanned skin, thin body, thin but full lips, small button nose, usually wears floral patterned tank tops, jeggings, white ballet flats, a brown leather jacket, and light makeup with black eyeliner and mascara



Season 3Edit



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