Build Me Up
Season 3, Episode 13
First Aired TBA
Episode Guide
"Love Is In The Air"

Build Me Up is the fourteenth episode of the third season of Fusion.


After Alicia's shocking suicide attempt after Regionals. Fusion rally around one another to make sure that each of them know that they are beautiful in their own unique ways.


Song Title Original Artist(s) Performer(s)
Keep Your Head Up Andy Grammer Fusion
Ugly/I Feel Pretty Sugababes/West Side Story Fusion Girls
Find Yourself In You Everlife AdeleBrian & Jasmine
Who You Are Jessie J DeanDeclanMarina & Precious
Just The Way You Are Bruno Mars Jack & Shayne with Fusion
Lo Que Soy (This Is Me) Demi Lovato Alexa, AliciaJude & Summer
Keep On Singing My Song Christina Aguilera EmmyHallieKristiUnique
Freckles Natasha Bedingfield Adam, CalebEricManny, Nick & Paul
Beautiful Christina Aguilera Fusion
Water and a Flame Daniel Merriweather feat. Adele Johnny & Lucas

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