National Show Choir Championship


New York


Songs To Inspire

The 2012 National Show Choir Competition was a competition between Fusion, Teenage Scream, The X-Factors and fourty-seven other teams. The top ten teams progressed to Showcase.



  1. What About Now
  2. Edge Of Glory
  3. Set Fire To The Rain/Part Of Me
  4. More To This

Teenage ScreamEdit

  1. Strip Me

The X-FactorsEdit

  1. Superwoman


Place Show Choir
1st The Portland Scale Blazers
2nd Soundsplosion
3rd Vocal Chordz
4th Twelve Steps
5th Singaz Wit Attitude
6th Fusion
7th Teenage Scream
8th The Unitards
9th Centre Stage
10th Vocal Extreme

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